Zenosyne Confessions


So this is day three of the new antidepressants.

Last night I did not sleep all too well.  I had 15mg on the first day, then was advised to up to 30mg on the second if I could ‘handle it’ and so, second day on 30mg and I feel dark.

The frustration, anger, helplessness and bitterness has returned.

I am unemployed and relying on my new partner to pay for everything.  I am unemployed because so many people are applying for the same type of job as me, I am signed off from the doctor due to stress, depression and anxiety, which I believe is the best thing as I could not handle even the cleaning work I was doing on the side.

My partner has been an angel.  He has ensured I have a roof, my car kept on the road and with petrol, food to eat, my tobacco…

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