Favorite Songs (updated)

Lost Stars

is a song sung by Keira Knightly in the film Begin Again – I absolutely love this song as the words resonate for so many reasons.

Good World

Martha Tilston – an amazing voice and some wonderful stories to tell.  I like to listen to this and feel almost stripped bare of frustrations.  – Martha is an English singer-songwriter and folk-based musician.  Trained as an artist and dramatist, she began her musical career in 2000 as an active presence in Britain’s alternative festival scene, particularly as part of the traveling troupe called the Small World Solar Stage.  She formed the duo Mouse with guitarist Nick Marshall.


Devin Townsend, Retinal Circus show – I have recently fallen in love with this man.  Devin has the most amazing way of creating multiple personas while expressing his own deeper journey through them (that’s my take on it, anyways), But either way, he is incredibly intelligent and humerous, he has an amazing voice range and numerous musical projects for his preferred genres: Strapping Young Lad, The Devin Townsend Project, & of course, Ziltoid – The Omnicient.


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