Being a blogger is not an easy task to step into.  While I was perusing and looking for fellow bloggers similar to myself, commenting and liking etc. to fish my way to getting noticed and to find inspiration and ideas I came across a blog called Talking This and That – there was a page labelled Lets Network – Enter your blog here – ‘Ooh’, I thought, ‘OK!’

Basically it is a wonderful idea to enable like minded bloggers and bloggers writing on similar topics find each other that little bit easier.  I have found some wonderful pages and people this way, so I have taken on the idea too and encourage you to pop your blog links below and a wee description on what we can find, thus helping everyone connect 🙂

Love & Light!


One thought on “Networking!


    This is a blog with a dialogue concerning many things, but with mental health at the centre. The writer is originally from America but residing in the United Kingdom, and offers a unique perspective as one who has seen different sides of many stances in life, having faced many extreme and difficult circumstances herself.

    It is written with the utmost respect and well-wishing for all readers, and with the hopes that somehow, somewhere along the way, a little bit of good can be injected into such a highly critical, volatile world.


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